Allison Waltz Photography | About

Allison Waltz is the University Photographer at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.  She began her career in photography over 17 years ago, after she graduated Cum Laude from Kent State University with a bachelor's degree in visual-journalism.  In 2006, she transformed her photography career as a photojournalist in the newspaper industry to pursue and expand her career in higher education. She is responsible for providing high-quality photographs of and for the university in support of its communication, marketing and outreach activities. While higher education, portraits, sports and event photography are her expertise, she works closely with clients in the food industry as well.

Her creative, outgoing, free-spirited personality gives her the ability to make connections with people in ways that allow her to capture their natural state of being. However, at the same time she can control the environment and pays close attention to detail and lighting in order to get the desirable image. Waltz's images are primarily used for marketing, commercial and editorial purposes at Ashland University. Yet, her professional services extend beyond that of the university, she lives in Medina, Ohio and welcomes the opportunity to work with clients locally, regionally and nationally.