Allison Waltz Photography: Blog en-us (C)Allison Waltz Photography (Allison Waltz Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:42:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:42:00 GMT Allison Waltz Photography: Blog 120 80 Yoga I have practiced yoga on several occasions at a few different locations.  My good friend Laura, who teaches at Inner Bliss, introduced it to me several years ago.  It changed her life.  While it hasn't completely changed my life, I have found it to have an extremely beneficial impact on my health.  It is not a daily routine for me, but I hope to include it in my life on a more regular basis.  The mental cleansing and self-awareness it produces is powerful and the relief to my neck and shoulder pain is so gratifying.  I carry around a 40lb bag practically everyday, so it takes a toll on me.  A new yoga studio opened up in Ashland, providing me with more opportunities to learn the practice.  Photographed here are two of the instructors at Studio Rise. Yoga at Studio Rise

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Evening Just After Work - Just Outside My Building


When my girls are with their dad, I can take advantage of the opportunity to leave work at a suitable for me.  A self-portrait because I spend a lot of my time in this building.


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New Year's Day! Feeling Lucky We Didn't Burn Down the Apartment After a celebratory night together in Columbus, we cheered in the New Year at Bodego and made it back to the apartment by 12:15 a.m.  I was offered a delicious pizza from down the road, but I quickly responded and recommended just making a pizza in the oven at home.  I was done for the night, out like a light, but the pizza stayed up way too late.  Luckily, a few hours later my boyfriend woke up due to the overwhelming burnt smell and tossed that pizza outside.  I've heard the smell of something burning with no obvious explanation can be a sign of ghosts, which I've experienced.  No ghosts here, just plain old foolishness.  I hate to say that this was not my first close encounter with ovens, smoke and fire either.    Burnt Pizza

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